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There's nothing but gratitude for every single experience over the years, good or bad, because something was learned through it all. There have been so many great opportunities to create content, to sharpen the tools of execution, to learn what works most efficient and how to present something with depth and meaning.


There are a lot of video production companies, and also plenty of work to go around— but what sets Compassionate Disaster Films apart is its creative execution, empathetic vision and cinematic story telling. Your project will be it’s very own.


Projects are collaborations, multiple strengths coming together to ensure quality. But someone has to manage things, and that’s myself— founder and CEO Erich Cannon. A little about myself...


A diverse career in both film and music, he is credited with discovering Phantogram, and continues a relationship with them today creating video content. Over the last 15 years in the industry, Erich worked everywhere from Seattle, Salt Lake City, Portland and Los Angeles. He started as a Production Assistant working on productions directed by Danny Boyle, Lawrence Kasdan, and Robert Duvall.


He works in the film industry as producer, screenwriter, and assistant director with experience as a camera assistant on independent projects and features for Disney. Erich's passion starts with writing and producing, having produced award-winning short and feature films, including POINT B and A FALL CITY CHRISTMAS, in which he co-wrote additionally his upcoming directorial debut HIS MONSTER will premiere in 2024 along with the family-adventure film BRAVING RAPIDS. He has also produced major ads for Microsoft and Amazon, as well as Adobe and XBOX.


It wasn’t ever the intention for the business name to become public facing, but the meaning behind it does follow a personal philosophy embraced in all projects.

Compassion is found in acceptance, and that acceptance starts from within-- before you're able to express it outwardly with absolute truth.

Here, we express it in story— visually, with imagination, through sound and through music. These very threads that connect our human experience, each one of us a beautiful, compassionate disaster.

- Erich James Cannon

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