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Feeling as though he's hit a dead end, hopeful filmmaker Felix finds inspiration for his next story, when he accidentally falls in love with his best friend Stella


MOUNTAINSIDE is a clever, witty comedic drama, following hopeful filmmaker Felix who experiences a “second coming of age” .  After all but having given up on his pursuit of passions,  he meets Stella, a down to Earth, chain-smoking cinephile, whose unexpected friendship inspires him to start writing again–- but complications and distractions arise when Felix finds himself accidentally falling in love with his new best friend. Never hesitating to take steps outside of reality through the use of movies within movies, found footage and action sequences, Mountainside pays a deep loving respect to the medium of film and its history.

About the Director:

Mikiech Nichols was born in Frankfurt, Germany, and raised in Bellingham, Washington USA. His childhood passions for writing and drawing eventually evolved into a love for visual storytelling. After graduating in 2007 from the film production program at VFS in Vancouver, BC Canada, he took a detour and spent many of the following years focusing on writing and recording music for the bands Screaming Multitudes and Mysterious Chocolate. In 2013 he starred in Aaron Beckum's award-winning short film, NIGHT GIANT, and from 2012-2015 he starred as the character Ethan in the independently-produced webseries REAL ADULT FEELINGS. In 2017, he directed the darkly comic short film, MORON, which was an Official Selection of Seattle's Local Sightings Film Festival. MOUNTAINSIDE is his feature directorial debut, which he also wrote and stars in.

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